Change Your Settings on Mac for the Right CSV Format

Learn how to set up your MacBook to have the right CSV format in Excel

Csilla Fehér Written by Csilla Fehér I

The CSV file looks too crowded

When you download your CSV file about the reports of your email verifications, sometimes it looks like all the data is in one single column. It is really difficult to assess your results when your file looks like that. If that is a re-occurring problem, you can change your computer settings and fix the problem permanently. 

Set it up on your MacBook

1. Go to the settings of your computer and find "Language and Region".

Language and Region on Mac for MillionVerifier report setup

2. Then, select the "Advanced" settings.

Advanced settings on Mac for MillionVerifier report setup

3. Choose "," (comma) as your default grouping separator and "." (full stop) as your decimal separator. 

Default grouping separator comma on Mac for MillionVerifier report setup

After saving the setups, all the files you download will look organized in the Excel table. 

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