Deleting Files After Verification

Learn how you can delete your files after verification 

Csilla Fehér Written by Csilla Fehér I

Deleting your files

Once the process is complete, you can delete any files you have uploaded for verification. 

To delete the files, click on the delete icon at the top right corner of your file. 

Please note that once you delete your file, you won't be able to check the result of your verification and won't be able to download the reports of the verification. 

Automatic deletion 

We protect your emails, and we don't use them for anything else other than email verification. We also delete the files automatically after 30 days from the start of the verification due to data protection reasons.  This means that you won't be able to access the old uploaded and verified lists after 30 days. Please make sure you check and download your results within those 30 days. If you cannot see the results of your verifications, this is probably the reason why. 

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