One-off Cleaning vs. Automated Email List Cleaning

The difference between One-off Cleaning and Automated Email List Cleaning

Csilla Fehér Written by Csilla Fehér I

What is the difference between One-off Cleaning and Automated Email List Cleaning?

We have two different categories in email list verification:

1. One-off cleaning: 

  • This means you can verify your email list only once by paying with credits.
  • One email verification costs one credit.
  • You can buy these credits here
  • You can verify several different lists with this service.

2. EverClean -Automated email list cleaning:

  • This means you have to connect MillionVerifier with an email marketing service via integration.
  • You can manage your integrations and connect to EverClean here.
  • With EverClean, we verify your email lists daily and keep them clean for you according to your settings.
  • You can learn more about EverClean and why it is useful here.
  • You can read more about the price of this monthly subscription here
  • Please note that you can only verify the same lists daily with this service.

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