The Email Verification Process

What MillionVerifier checks during email verification?

Tamas Ham-Szabo Written by Tamas Ham-Szabo I

MillionVerifier completes a comprehensive email verification process to provide our users with the highest email verification accuracy possible. These are the main rules and processes completed in the verification: 

  • Duplicate removal: when you upload your contacts for verification in a CSV, TXT, or XLSX file, we first remove any duplicates from your file. Email duplicates mean that the same emails are listed in the uploaded file more than once. 
  • Email syntax check: we check if your email contains allowed characters only, a prefix, an @ sign, and a domain.
  • Domain check: we check if the email domain exists and has published DNS required to accept emails.
  • SMTP test: we connect to the email server of the email address and ask the recipient server if the email address exists.
  • Smart verify: we complete further email verification tests to eliminate false-positive and false-negative results.
  • Greylisting tests: some emails return a soft bounce to re-test them later. We complete an automated re-verification progress.
  • Typo correction: in real-time API, if the email address provided is likely to be a typo of a large email provider, we return a correction recommendation.
  • Catch-all tests: we test if the email server is set to accept mail sent to bad emails.
  • Disposable test: we test if a known temporary email address provider hosts the email address.
  • Free detection: we check if the email domain is a known free email service provider, such as Gmail.
  • Role detection: we check if the email account (prefix) is linked to a role rather than a person, such as info@ or admin@.

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