When you verify your emails using MillionVerifier we provide you with one of the following result for each email:

  1. OK means the email address exist and it is 100% SAFE to send an email to.
  2. Invalid means the email address does not exist and it is 100% NOT SAFE to send an email to.
  3. Disposable means this email account is hosted on a temporary email address provider. This account may exists only for a few minutes. It is 100% NOT SAFE to send an email to.
  4. Catch All means the email server is set to accept all mail even emails sent to an account that does not exist. It can be RISKY to send an email to. Read more on catch all here.
  5. Unknown means at the time of the verification we couldn't determine whether the email address exists. It is possible that at a later time we can successfully verify unknowns. It can be RISKY to send an email to.

Which emails can I use?

  • 100% SAFE emails are the OK emails
  • 100% NOT SAFE emails are the Invalid and Disposable emails
  • Risky emails are the Catch all and Unknown emails

You can read further about which emails you can use.

Yahoo OK emails might bounce back

Yahoo has recently disabled a large number of accounts. The email accounts still exist hence we detect as OK, but they send a bounce message due to account inactivity.

This affects only a small % of yahoo ok emails, but be aware this can happen. 

Read more on Yahoo OK bounces.

Highest Accuracy 

Here at MillionVerifier we are extremely proud for our outstanding accuracy. Use our OK emails and have correct email sending settings (such as SPF) you will have less than 1% bounce rate.

In case something goes wrong and you have higher than 4% hard bounce rate we refund your payment. Terms of use apply. 

You can read more about 100% money back guarantee.

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