You can use Ok emails and in some cases risky emails (unknown and catch all). For email marketing it is also recommended to filter out role emails. 

100% Good / Safe Emails

Ok means the email address exists. 

You can use Ok emails. MillionVerifier offers 100% money back guarantee on our Ok emails.  

Risky Emails

Unknown means at the time of the verification we couldn't verify the email address.
Catch all means the email server is set to accept all mail even if the email account doesn't exist. 

You can use risky emails only if:

  • they are real subscribers (not purchased list, nor collected from the internet)
  • they have subscribed recently (less than 2 months ago) 

100% Bad / Not Safe Emails

Invalid means the email account doesn't exist.
Disposable means the email address is just a temporary email address.

Never use bad emails.

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