Catch all is a server setting. It means the server is set to accept all mail even if the email address doesn't exist. 

Catch all server

For example if Peter works at a HR company and his email address is [email protected] When peter leaves the job they are not going to continue using his email address any more. However, they might want to see if a customer emails him. They disable his email address and all mail going to his email address is forwarded to e.g. [email protected] 

So basically if an email address doesn't exist the email is forwarded to a generic email address.

Why is a catch all risky

Some email servers set to catch all send a bounce message when an email is sent to a non existing email address. 

Use risky emails only if:

  • they are real subscribers (not purchased list, nor collected from the internet)
  • they have subscribed recently (less than 2 months ago) 

You can read here which emails you can use

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