Prepare your file

You can upload your emails in one of the following file formats:

  • TXT: you can have 1 email per line, no additional data 
  • CSV, XLS, XLSX: you can have any number of columns, any additional data (such as name or address), but you must have all your emails in the same column.

We don't require any other data than emails.
You may or may not have a header row in your file. We will automatically detect the email column.
You can find an example file here: Example_file.csv

How big files can I upload?

We recommend to upload a file containing no more than 1 million emails. Our system can handle larger files as well, but you get better overall speed and get results quicker if you upload them in smaller files (e.g. 1 million per file)

The maximum file size to upload is 100 Mb.

Upload your file

You can upload your files for email verification on this page: 

  1. Upload your file in the Drag&Drop area. 
  2. We are only going to charge you for unique emails in your file.
  3. Start verifying your file.
  4. You can see the progress of your file on the same page. 
  5. You may stop the verification at any time using the red "Stop Verification" button. If you stop the verification you will get the results for the already verified emails and all not-verified emails will be marked as unknown and we refund your credits for those.

Download Results

As soon as your file verification is completed you will be able to download the results from the very same page.

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