Hubuco is most suitable for users with email verification needs less than 100k emails, MillionVerifier is most suitable for users with higher than 100k email verification needs.

What is the same between the 2 sites

First of all there are many common between the 2 email verification sites:

  1. Both sites are run by the same company: Hubuco Ltd, a company registered in the UK. 

  2. Both sites use the very same email verification system providing you with the most accurate email verification results possible.

  3. Both sites are created and run by email deliverability expert Tamas Szabo.

What are the main differences:

  1. MillionVerifier is best for users with large email verification needs (more than 100k)
    Hubuco is best for users with smaller email verification needs (less than 100k emails)

  2. MillionVerifier offers the best prices on the market for verifying 1 Million emails, but only offers larger packages.
    On Hubuco you can purchase email verification credits form as little as 2500 credits at reasonable prices.

  3. MillionVerifier offers 3,000 emails per minute speed for verifying files.
    Hubuco's standard speed is 1,000 emails per minute.

  4. MillionVerifier offers higher quality support available through email and chat.
    Hubuco is reducing its support.

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