The most accurate email verification service

I am extremely proud of having built the most accurate email verification service, hence we are the only email verification service offering 100% money back guarantee. 

100% money back guarantee

If you verify your emails with MillionVerifier and you experience high hard bounce rate we refund your money.

Terms and conditions for money back guarantee

If you send an email campaign to the email addresses, that you had verified by MillionVerifier within 7 days of verification and your hard bounce rate is higher than 4% we refund your last payment.

Money Back Guarantee applies for email address verifications under the following conditions only:

  • Emails must be verified using MillionVerifer's website, uploading your file on the following page:

  • Money Back Guarantee doesn't apply for verifications completed using MillionVerifer's Single API, because MillionVerifer doesn't keep a record of these verifications.

  • Your hard bounce rate is higher than 4%. Hard bounces occur when a recipient's email address does not exist.

  • Does not apply for soft bounces. Soft bounces are down to your personal sending history, settings, server, IP reputation and email content.

  • Only applies for emails sent to email addresses returned as 'OK' by MillionVerifer's verification system.

  • You must send an email to each verified 'OK' email address within 7 days of verification.

  • The % of hard bounces will be calculated:
    - hard bounces / OK emails * 100
    - OK emails: all emails returned asOK by MillionVerifer since last payment
    - hard bounces: emails that had hard bounces that were marked as OK by MillionVerifer since last payment

  • You must use a professional 3rd party email sender for sending your emails.

  • Only email service providers that provide detailed reports of your soft and hard bounces are accepted. If a detailed breakdown of your bounced emails is not available our Money Back Guarantee does not apply.

  • You must allow us to log in to your email sender account to review your results, export reports and analyse bounces.

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