Intercom integration with MillionVerifier

Written by Tamas Szabo I

Connect Intercom with MillionVerifier to keep your email reputation intact. 

Remove bad emails from your email lists at low prices with the MillionVerifier integration. We strongly recommend removing any invalid or disposable emails from your lists regularly to keep your bounce rate low and maximize your email inbox rate.

Semi-automated email verification with Intercom

Connect your Intercom account with MillionVerifier to import your email list for verification. Once it is completed, you can select which emails you would like to remove from your Intercom.

Automated email verification with Intercom – EverClean

Set up the integration once to always keep your account clean of any bad emails. We will clean your entire email list every day and automatically remove bad emails from your email list for you.

Connect Intercom with MillionVerifier

Login to MillionVerifier

To get started, you must have an account on MillionVerifier. You can create one here for free: If you already have an account, please log in:

Integrate with Intercom

We have all available integrations listed here: Find Intercom and click on connect. MillionVerifier will direct you to Intercom to authorize our application.

Import your emails to MillionVerifier

Once Intercom is connected, you will see an "import" button next to the Intercom icon. By clicking on the button, you can import your contacts for email verification.


Set up automated email list cleaning:

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