Why is EverClean useful for you?

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Csilla Fehér Written by Csilla Fehér I

To maintain your good reputation, you have to keep your email lists clean at all times. With EverClean, you can clean your lists automatically every day or every week. 

Why do you need to check your email lists regularly? 

You may think that your email list is clean once you deleted or unsubscribed all the Bad or Risky emails based on our email verification results. However, the remaining emails on your lists might become Bad over time. Such cases occur when, for example:

  • a person leaves their job and their working email address is deleted from the database
  • a person has not logged in to their free email account for a long period of time and the system deletes the email automatically 
  • the domain expires

This means that in order to keep your lists clean, it is advised to check on them on a regular basis. With EverClean, we offer to verify and delete or unsubscribe Bad emails for you according to your needs. 

Please note that EverClean cannot remove any spam traps from your lists, as SPAM traps are one of the highest-value assets of Internet Service Providers. Therefore, they will never publish, share, or leak lists of their SPAM traps. If they do, they will not use it for performance tracking anymore. Thus, email verifiers cannot remove spam traps.

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