Automated Email List Cleaning for EmailOctopus

EmailOctopus Integration with EverClean to keep your email lists clean at all times

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Automated Email List Cleaning for EmailOctopus

EverClean - Automated Email Verification

You can automatically clean your EmailOctopus email lists every day with EverClean, our automated email verification service. 

With EverClean, you can verify your emails every day or every week, and we will delete all the bad emails for you to have an up-to-date, clean list. 

Set up EverClean in your EmailOctopus integration

To take advantage of this service, please set the cleaning type to EverClean, and choose EmailOctopus from the integrations listed on the left.

Then, you will have to connect your EmailOctopus account via integration with an API key. You can find a help article on the right side if you need help with finding the API key.

After that, you can select the lists you want to keep clean. You can delete or unsubscribe your bad emails daily or weekly according to your needs. 

Set up 

  • Action with: Unsubscribe or delete the emails with the selected results. We strongly recommend selecting Bad emails only (Invalid and Disposable). 
  • Action: Whether you want to unsubscribe or delete the emails with the results you have selected in the previous part.
  • Cleaning period: Whether you want to clean your lists daily or weekly.


Then, the next page will show the cost of your EverClean subscription which you will pay every month for keeping your lists clean. The price may change based on the number of emails on your email list: 

  • If your list contains less than 1000 emails, EverClean is free for you. 
  • You can calculate the price using the price calculator on our home page.
  • You can find all the details of our prices here. 


After this, you will have to enter your card details. If you have not already saved the card you wish to pay with, you have to enter your card details. If you have an already saved card or cards, select the card you would like to pay with and click on "Activate". 

EverClean in Action

Once you activate EverClean, we will verify and clean your EmailOctopus email list according to your setup. 

  • We will verify all your selected email lists automatically every day or every week according to how you wish to set up the EverClean verification. 
  • You can check the results of all the verifications on the EverClean platform under the Results menu point. 
  • You can download the results of the verifications and see how many Good, Risky, and Bad emails you have on your list every day. 
  • You can also download a list of all the emails we unsubscribed or deleted for you with EverClean based on the results. You can see the exact bad email addresses we removed or unsubscribed from your list. 
  • Please note that we store these lists for 30 days. This means that you can only download the lists for only 30 days from the verification process. 
  • You can manage your subscription, and the email lists you wish to verify automatically, and can check your payments in the MillionVerifier application, at the "EverClean" option.

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