Custom Integration

Custom Integration

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Custom Integration

If you cannot find the email marketing tool you would like to connect in our list of integrations, you can use our Custom Integration. You can integrate virtually any CRM or database with MillionVerifier.

You can use custom integrations for:

  • Manual import and action-taking: you can import your email lists to MillionVerifier with a single click for bulk email verification.
  • You can remove the bad emails from your lists when the verification is completed using MillionVerifier's online interface.
  • Automated email list verification (EverClean): connect your database, and we will clean all your emails every day and remove any bad emails automatically for you.

Before you can connect a custom database?

To import your email list and take action in your database, we need the following endpoints from you.

  • Ping: This endpoint is used when the integration is set up to test if the provided URL is correct and the connection can be set up.
  • Get Lists: This endpoint is used to get the list of your lists. If you have only one email list, you only return one value.
  • Get Lists Contacts: This endpoint returns the email addresses from an email list in a paginated format.
  • Contacts Action: We will send you the list of bad emails to this endpoint you need to remove/unsubscribe.

To create these endpoints, please do follow our guide:

How can I connect my custom database?

You can set up custom integration on 2 pages:

  1. Find the "Custom Integration" and click on "Connect"
  2. Provide your endpoints details:
  3. Base URL: The base URL of the above 4 endpoints. E.g., ""
  4. API key: The API key MillionVerifier can use to connect securely to your endpoints.
  5. We will pass this API key in a GET method using "api_key" as key. E.g. "?api_key=YOUR_API_KEY"
  6. Name: Give a name to this integration to help you recognize your integration in the future.

When you click on save and connect, we will test the endpoint details using the ping endpoint. If there are no errors, you can verify your emails using the integration setup.

If you have any questions about custom integrations, please contact our support team.

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