What are Integrations Useful For?

What to use integrations for?

Tamas Ham-Szabo Written by Tamas Ham-Szabo I

MillionVerifier integrates with the highest number of email marketing tools and CRMs. These integrations help you reduce your manual work with email verification. There are two solutions for verifying your emails using an integration.

  • Semi-automated email verification: import and take action with a couple of clicks.
  • Automated email verification: set up once, and we will automatically clean all your lists every day and take the desired action for you in the background.

Let's see them one by one in detail.

Semi-Automated Email Verification

It is very similar to a regular bulk email verification; the only difference is that you can import contacts from your email marketing tool and remove bad emails with a couple of clicks only.

  1. You can find all integrations on the following page and connect with your favorite tool: https://app.millionverifier.com/email_verify#integration.

2. Once connected, click on "Verify," select the list you would like to verify and click "Import."

3. As soon as the import is completed, you will be prompted how many credits your file requires to clean your email list. If you have enough credits, click on "Start Verifying." If you don't have enough email verification credits, you can purchase more credits

4. Once you click on "Start Verifying," the bulk email verification will start. When the email verification completes, you have the option to download results as usual or remove/unsubscribe selected emails. 

5. Select invalid and disposable emails and select the desired action: remove or unsubscribe, and click "Start." In the background, we will take the action you have chosen.

Automated Email Verification - EverClean

With automated email verification, you can keep your email lists clean at all times. 

1. You can integrate with your favorite email marketing tool: https://app.millionverifier.com/integrations/everclean.

2. Once connected, you can select the lists you want t keep clean. 

3. Select what emails you would like to remove. We recommend selecting "invalid" and "disposable" emails only.

4, Select desired action to take with the emails. Would you like to unsubscribe or remove them?

5. Add or select a payment method, and start the subscription.

6. We will automatically download your email list every day, complete a bulk email verification, and unsubscribe or remove the emails you selected to be removed. All this happens automatically every day to make sure your lists are always clean.

7. You will see all EverClean files when login into your account, and you can download a report containing the emails unsubscribed or removed.

More info on EverCelan: https://help.millionverifier.com/everclean

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