Custom Contracts

Signing a custom DPA or Terms of Service

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Terms of Service

All visitors and users of MillionVerifer must accept our Terms of Service that is available on this page:

Data Processing Agreement

According to GDPR, we must have a written contract, Data Processing Agreement, in place. Our legal team has prepared a DPA that provides full compliance with GDPR. You can review our DPA here:

When signing up for our services you will have an option to read and sign the agreement. You will be able to download a signed DPA in a PDF file from this page:

Custom Terms or DPA

Our Terms of Service and Data Processing Agreement are available for free. 

It is possible to sign custom contracts if you require any special changes. However, any amendments must be reviewed by our Legal Team.

In case of any special amendments or custom contracts, we need you to pay the additional costs, which may include but are not limited to, the legal review of the contract and making special changes to your account. 

The cost varies on the complexity of the contract and the number of special amendments. We also have to consider if any special rules apply to your account that may need to be developed first. Depending on the circumstances the cost of the legal review can be between 2,000 and 10,000 EUR.

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