Deleting User Accounts

After a year of inactivity, your account will be deleted. 

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Email Notification 

Suppose you haven't used your MillionVerifier account in a year. In that case, you will get a notification email about your account being deleted in a month if you don't log in and verify emails. 

According to our Terms of Service, if an account is considered inactive, it will be deleted, and all associated data will be permanently erased. 

This means that the following will be deleted: 

  • API keys
  • Integrations
  • Saved cards
  • Credits 

For legal reasons, we don't delete the acceptance of our Data Processing Agreement and the invoices. 

How to keep your account? 

Log in to MillionVerifier within 30 days and verify your emails. You have several options to do so: 

  • Upload your emails in a CSV or TXT file
  • Import your contacts from your favorite email marketing tool
  • Connect the API to your website to verify emails in real-time
  • Try EverClean to keep your email lists clean at all times. 

Did you forget your password?

In case you forgot your password, you can always request a new one to log in to your account. Here, you can read about how you can do that. 

Deleting your own account 

You can delete your own account if you wish to not use MillionVerifier anymore by clicking on your Account Settings at the top right corner and clicking on the delete icon on the right. 

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