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Choose the best option for you and try MillionVerifier for free!

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Free Trial Credits

Options for Trial Credits

After registering in MillionVerifier, we offer you the chance to try our service and see how much you like it.  In order to choose from the options are available once you accept the Data Processing Agreement and fill in the billing details. These trial credits work as a demo for the service. You can choose from the following options: 

  • Connect your integration and get up to 10,000 trial credits
  • Get 500 free trial credits with your business email
  • Buy 2000 email verification credits for only $4.90
  • Or choose from credit plans and purchase more email verifications

If you have a business email, you automatically get the 500 trial credits for free, and you don't have to choose from the other options. Keep in mind that for one business domain, you will get free trial credits for 3 registered accounts. The 4th account registered with the same business domain will not get the credits. 

If you don't have a business email, please note that you can only choose one option. Once you decide to choose one, you cannot change the decision, and the other options won't be available to you in the future. 

If the popup asking you which trial credit option you would like to choose disappears without you choosing, you can still choose from the options if you click on the Trial Credits menu point on the left. 

Trial Credits With Integration

Connect one of your email marketing tools from this list, and we will give you enough credits to verify 5% of your contacts within your account. It is important to emphasize that you will get 5% of the number of contacts you have in your tool

Please note that the maximum amount of trial credits you can get by choosing this option is 10,000 credits, even if 5% of your contact exceeds that number. 

500 Free Email Verification Credits

If you register with a business email, you get 500 trial credit for free automatically. You don't have to choose from the other trial options. 

Please note that this is only available for business emails, and for those accounts that don't exceed the limit of 3 registered accounts for the same business domain. The 4th account registered with the same business domain will not get the credits anymore. 

If you are not registered with a business email, you can choose from the other trial credit options, or alternatively, change your email address to a business one in your Account Settings

2,000 Email Verifications for Only $4.90

You can choose to purchase 2,000 email verification credits for only $4.90 as another trial credit option. This is a one-time offer that will only be available for you in the trial credit options. After this, the smallest credit plan we offer is 10,000 email verification credits. If you cannot see the option to purchase the 2000 credits, it is probably because you have already chosen a different trial credit option. The 2000 credit plan won't be on your Buy Credits page. 

2,000 credits are great if you want to try the service, see how it works, and how much you like it. 

Buy More Credits

If you decide you would like to skip the trial credits and want to purchase more to verify large numbers of emails, you can also do that by clicking on "Buy credits" and choosing the credit plan that fits your needs the best. 

Choose the best trial credit option for you and try MillionVerifier!

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