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Information for HuBuCo Users

Tamas Ham-Szabo Written by Tamas Ham-Szabo I

Hubuco ( is no longer accepting new registrations since January 22nd, 2020, and it is no longer possible to purchase credits since March 1st, 2021. 

Any credits you purchased before March 1st, 2021, remain on your account, and you can use them to verify emails by uploading a file or using HuBuCo's email verification API.

Log in to HuBuCo

HuBuCo users can log in to HuBuCo here: is now redirected to

Move to MillionVerifier

HuBuCo users can move their credits to MillionVerifier.

  1. Create a free account on MillionVerifer.
  2. Find your MillionVerifier API key on this page:
  3. Copy your MillionVerifier API key.
  4. Log in to your HuBuCo account:
  5. Go to
  6. Enter your HuBuCo password, paste your MillionVerifier API key, check if you would like to delete your HuBuCo account, and click on "move credits."
  7. Your HuBuCo account will be automatically closed, and your credits transferred to your MillionVerifier account.

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