Setting Up Your Time Zone

Learn to change your time zone in the MillionVerifier settings

Csilla Fehér Written by Csilla Fehér I

How to find the settings for the time zone

To find the settings where you can change the time zone according to where you are, go to your profile at the top right corner of the site, and find the "Account settings" option. 

MillionVerifier Settings for changing time zone

Here, please click on "Other", and you will find the Time Zone settings at the bottom of the site. 

Account settings on MillionVerifier to change time zone

To change the time zone, click on the arrow next to the time zone's name. 

Select time zone in MillionVerifier Settings

Then, you can start typing your current time zone, and the list will lead you to the right option, or you can search for the time zone and select it from the list. 

Select time zone from list in MillionVerifier

Once you choose the correct time zone for yourself, click on "Save changes". 

Save time zone changes in MillionVerifier

Once you set up the time zone you want, all the dates will show up according to that time zone. For example: 

  • In the email verification results: time zone in email verification results in MillionVerifier

  • In your Credit Balance:
  • Time zone in credit balance in MillionVerifier

If you want to change the time zone again, you can do that anytime. 

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