Why MillionVerifier?

Get to know why we are outstanding from any other email verifier

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Why MillionVerifier?

We are outstanding!

There is a continuously growing market for email verifiers, so the question of why MillionVerifier is the best out of all services may arise in anyone looking for good software.


We have many features that make us outstanding from all the other email verifiers.


Here is a list of all the reasons why you should choose MillionVerifier:


1.     99% Accuracy Rate


We are incredibly proud of our 99% accuracy rate. This means that only 1% of the verifications may not be accurate due to the instability of email marketing. This is a pretty fantastic rate if you think about it.


Accuracy is something we value exceptionally. With Smart Verify, a new technology, we are one step ahead of our competitors. We extend verifications with actual life sending data that results in fewer Unknown and Catch-all results and reduces false-positive and false-negative results.


And we are constantly working on improving! We investigate every feedback we get from our customers and make changes in our system to become even better.


2.     Best Prices On The Market


MillionVerifier was created for those who have higher verification needs. We aim to keep our prices as low as possible while providing a service with which you can verify a great number of emails for a low cost.


We don’t charge customers for Risky (that is Unknown and Catch-all) emails, only for Good and Bad (Invalid and Disposable) emails. Some email verifiers don’t charge for Unknown emails, but MillionVerifier is the only email verifier that doesn’t charge for Catch-all emails either.


We have ongoing promotions as well so that you get some extra for your money when purchasing credits on our site.


To let you know how much we trust our results, we offer a 100% money-back guarantee as well. In case you experience a higher than 4% hard bounce rate after the email verification is completed, we will refund your last payment. We value the customers’ experience and want to make sure they get the best service possible.


You can try MillionVerifier for free now! We give you 100 free credits after registration, and you can see our service for yourself.


3.     20 Ready-to-Use Integrations


We have an extensive list of integrations with 20 email marketing providers to improve the email verification experience. Customer can simply connect their email marketing tool and import their email lists to verify them in MillionVerifier.


To go beyond verification, we also offer the opportunity to remove or unsubscribe any bad emails they may have on their lists with just a couple of clicks. There is no need to switch back and forth between their email marketing provider and MillionVerifier!


Here is a list of all the integrations we have right now:

-       Mailchimp

-       Sendinblue

-       Mailgun

-       Mailjet

-       Elastic Email

-       Campaign Monitor

-       Active Campaign

-       Zoho CRM

-       Cold Campaigns

-       Reply

-       Getresponse

-       Hubspot

-       AWeber

-       MailerLite

-       Drip

-       SendGrid

-       Intercom

-       Pipedrive

-       Constant Contact


What is more, customers can integrate virtually any CRM or database with MillionVerifier with our Custom Integration.


In addition, if a customer wants us to integrate with a new tool, they can request it, and we will review the API documentation and see if we can make that possible.


4.     EverClean -Automated Email Verification Service


We are one of the few email verifiers that provide an Automated Email List Cleaning service, called EverClean.


Customers must keep their email lists clean at all times to maintain their good reputation and avoid their emails going to spam.


With EverClean, they can clean their lists automatically every day or every week to make sure they don’t have any bad emails.


We verify their imported email lists from integration every day and remove or unsubscribe any bad emails from them automatically.


5.     Free EmailAcademy PRO


When a customer registers to MillionVerifier, they get a coupon applied on EmailAcademy to get a PRO account for free. Once you log in to your account, you can find the coupon code for the Free Email Academy PRO account here:


Our partner, EmailAcademy is a great service that provides an extensive toolkit for the users. Customers get access to:


-       Email Blacklist Checker

-       Email Blacklist Monitor

-       Email Verification Service

-       Inbox Tester

-       Bounce Code Analyzer

-       HTML Email Editor

-       HTML Email Templates

-       Image Hosting for HTML Emails

-       Website Monitor

-       RNDS Tester

-       SPF & DKIM Tester


Users can also have access to all the lessons, including Master lessons on EmailAcademy to get to know everything about email marketing and how to get better at it.


6.     Great User Experience


MillionVerifier cares about offering the best user experience possible to its customers. There are many useful features on the site that other email verifiers may not have.


-       Transparent Credit Balance: Customers can keep track of the changes in their credit balance and check out how many credits they have and how many they have used up for what. They can also download the balance in a CSV file.


-       Sub-users: We also offer an option for customers to add sub-users to their main accounts. A sub-user is a person with an individual account connected to the main account. They can have access to email verification and can use the credits of the main account. 


-       Email Verification API Keys: Customers can create an unlimited number of API keys and can also set up IP restrictions to keep their accounts secure.


-       Auto Top-Up: Customers can set up the number of credits they consider low, and will be able to automatically purchase more according to their needs. 


Now you know more about MillionVerifier and why it is outstanding from any other email verifier. The only thing you have to do now is take advantage of our service and start verifying!

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