Credit Refund Eligibility for Risky Emails

Get to know when you are eligible for getting credit refunds

Csilla Fehér Written by Csilla Fehér I

Too Many Unknown and Invalid Emails 

By default, all users are eligible for refunds for risky emails.

However, users may damage our services if they regularly verify scraped emails or not real subscribers in large amounts. Such misuse may result in an increased number of unknowns for other users.

If your results contain an outstandingly large number of Unknown or Invalid addresses regularly, you won't be eligible for credit refunds for Risky emails anymore. You will have to pay for those too. 

This regulation only concerns 0,5% of the users in MillionVerifier. 

How to Become Eligible Again? 

If misuse accounts stop misusing our services, our system automatically makes them eligible for a credit refund. The larger scale they misused, the longer it takes to become eligible again.

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