Million Evergreen Promotion

MillionEvergreen Promotion

Tamas Ham-Szabo Written by Tamas Ham-Szabo I

MillionVerifier was created for businesses with high email verification needs.

We also love to promote our returning customers. To encourage both large buyers and returning customers, we have created our MillionEvergreen Promotion.

For every 5 million credits purchased, we add 1 million credits for free to your account. MillionEvergreen can be combined with other promotions, such as Welcome Promotion.

All your payments matter:

we take into account all your previous payments.

You can check on this page how many credits you need to buy to get 1 million for free:

MillionEvergreen Example 1 - New Customer

You are new to MillionVerifierIf you purchase 5 million credits. You get 1 million extra for free.

If you purchase 10 million credits, you get 2 million extra for free.

MillionEvergreen Example 2 - Existing Customer

You purchased in the past in total 3 million credits.

If you buy today 2 million credits, you will get 1 million extra for free

If you purchase today 7 million credits, you get 2 million extra for free

MillionEvergreen Example 3 - Buying less than required

Whether you are a new customer or existing.

If you buy 1 million credits every month

Every 5th month you get 1 million extra credits for free.

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