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Refund for Risky Emails

MillionVerifier refunds credits paid for risky (unknown and catch all) emails

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Refund for Risky Emails

MillionVerifier is the only email verification service that doesn't charge you for unknown and catch-all emails. Credit refund is only possible for Risky, that is, for Unknown and Catch-all, emails. 

  1. When you upload a file, we charge you for unique emails in your file. Once the email verification is completed, we automatically refund credits paid for risky emails (unknown and catch-all).
  2. When you use our API or verify a single email on our email verification page, we deduct your credits once the verification is completed for good (ok) and bad (invalid, disposable) emails. We don't deduct any credits for risky (unknown and catch-all) emails.

Who is eligible for this credit refund?

By default, all users are eligible for credit refunds for risky emails. 

Who is not eligible for this credit refund?

Users may damage our services if they regularly verify scraped emails or not real subscribers in large amounts. Such misuse may result in an increased number of unknowns for other users. 

Our system automatically detects misuse accounts, and they will also pay for risky emails. When writing this article, only 1% of our users are considered to be misuse accounts.

If misuse accounts stop misusing our services, our system automatically makes them eligible for a credit refund. The larger scale they misused, the longer it takes to become eligible again.

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