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Csilla Fehér Written by Csilla Fehér I

Welcome Promotion for new users

After you register to MillionVerifier, you will get a Welcome Promotion that lasts for a week. It is important to note that this promotion is only available for new users. 

With this Welcome Promotion, you will get: 

  • +10% credits when purchasing the 50.000 and 100.000 credit plans. 
  • +20% credits when purchasing the 500.000 and 1.000.000 credit plans 
  • and +30% credits when purchasing the 2.000.000, 3.000.000, 4.000.000, 5.000.000, and 10.000.000 credit plans. 

Please note that for the 10.000 and 25.000 credit plans, this promotion is not available. 

This promotion is only available in the first week after registration, and the plus credits you get with the promotion are free. The credits you have in your account have an unlimited time to be spent, which means they never expire.

The timer at the bottom left side of the panel shows how much time you have left until you can take advantage of the promotion. 

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