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What are catch-all emails?

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Catch-All Emails

Catch-all is a server setting. It means the server is set to accept all mail even if the email address doesn't exist. 

Catch all server

For example, if Peter works at an HR company, his email address is [email protected]. When Peter leaves the job, they will not continue using his email address anymore. However, they might want to see if a customer emails him. They disable his email address, and all mail going to his email address is forwarded to, e.g., [email protected]

So basically, if an email address doesn't exist, the email is forwarded to a generic email address.

Why is a catch-all risky?

Some email servers that are set to catch-all send a bounce message when an email is sent to a non-existing email address. 

However, risky emails can be used, but only if:

  • they are real subscribers (not purchased list, nor collected from the internet)
  • they have subscribed recently (less than two months ago) 

You can read here which emails you can use.

Want to double-check the authenticity of catch-all emails?

Sending them an email is the most definitive approach. While MillionVerifier refrains from emailing your subscribers during the check, a service like Scrubby can step in for added assurance. Scrubby dispatches a silent blank email, helping you filter out any unreliable catch-all addresses, no matter their age or origin. Keep your email lists clean and efficient!

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