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Email Verification Results

When you verify your emails using MillionVerifier, we provide you with one of the following quality results for each email:

  1. Ok means the email address exists. Ok are good emails and are SAFE to send an email to.
  2. Invalid means the email address does not exist. Invalids are bad emails and are NOT SAFE to send an email to.
  3. Disposable means this email account is hosted on a temporary email address provider. Disposable emails may exist only for a few minutes. Therefore, they are bad emails. It is NOT SAFE to send an email to these addresses.
  4. Catch-All means the email server is set to accept all mail, even emails sent to an account that does not exist. So it can be RISKY to send an email to these addresses. Read more on catch-all here.
  5. Unknown means that we couldn't determine whether the email address exists at the time of the verification. Possibly we can successfully verify unknowns at a later time. It can be RISKY to send an email to these addresses.

We only charge you for Ok, Invalid, and Disposable emails. We don't charge for Risky emails, such as Catch-All and Unknown.


The accuracy of our results is virtually 100% at the time of the verification. However, verification results depend on the response we receive from the mail server of the domain.

For example, if we say an email is invalid, it means you would experience a hard bounce if you emailed them at the time of the verification. But the email may have existed before or even later on.

We invest a significant amount of time and money to keep improving our accuracy. We are proud of achieving a 99% accuracy that makes us the most accurate email verifier on the market.

Which emails can I use?

  • GOOD (Ok) emails are SAFE to use.
  • BAD (Invalid and Disposable) emails are NOT SAFE to use.
  • RISKY (Catch-all and Unknown) emails may be safe to use if they are real subscribers and recently subscribed.

You can read further about which emails you can use. Yahoo OK emails might bounce back. Yahoo has recently disabled a large number of accounts. However, email accounts still exist. Read more on Yahoo OK bounces.

You can check out the video of email verification results here

Looking to verify those 'risky' and Yahoo emails?

The definitive method is sending a direct email. While MillionVerifier refrains from mailing your subscribers, you can turn to services like Scrubby for an additional layer of verification. Scrubby dispatches a blank email, helping you identify and remove any problematic addresses, regardless of their age or source of acquisition. Prioritize list accuracy and avoid potential pitfalls.

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