EverClean - Automated Email Verification

What is EverClean, the automated email verification?

Written by Tamas Szabo I

Keep Your Email Lists Clean

Set up once, and have your email lists automatically cleaned every day. Keep your email marketing accounts ever clean of bad emails with MillionVerifier in 3 simple steps:

  1. Connect your email marketing platform.
  2. Customize integration rules.
  3. Start EverClean.

For a small monthly fee, we will:

  1. Verify your emails automatically.
  2. Verify your emails every day.
  3. Remove any bad emails from your email lists automatically.
  4. Provide you with a report.

Setup EverClean

You can connect any of the following email marketing tools or CRMs with MillionVerifier's EverClean: https://help.millionverifier.com/esp-and-crm-integrations/all-integrations.


To start EverClean, please go to https://app.millionverifier.com/integrations/everclean, and connect your favorite email marketing tool.

Select Lists

Once connected, you will see all your email lists from the tool you have connected. Lists display a list name, list id, and the number of emails in your list. With the toggle, turn on the list(s) you want to keep clean.

We will keep all lists clean that you select.

Select Results to Action

What do you consider a bad email? We recommend selecting "invalid" and "disposable" emails. We don't recommend choosing "unknown" and "catch-all" emails. However, there is an option for you, but first, read more about our results.

We will remove all emails that you select.

Select Action to Take

We will remove the emails you have selected in the previous step from the email lists you have chosen before. Some email services don't offer multiple options, but you can choose whether to unsubscribe or remove these contacts from your email lists if available.

We will take the selected action.

Start Subscription

Now that you have selected your email list, actionable results, and desired action, you will see how much it costs monthly. You can save a card or choose a card you have added earlier and start the subscription.

From now on, every day, we will clean your selected lists.

EverClean Prices

For EverClean, you will pay every month with a saved card. Prices are automatically calculated based on your usage. You can check the prices here in the right-hand column: https://www.millionverifier.com/#prices.

Unique Emails

EverClean is designed to keep a list or selected lists clean at all times. Therefore we charge for unique emails processed during the month. If new emails are added to your email list(s), or if you change the email lists during the subscription, you might be upgraded to a larger plan.


If you reach the limit of the following payment level, We will upgrade your account. You will pay the difference between the two plans, and your payment is also proportionated based on how many days are left until renewal. 

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