Import Emails from Constant Contact with MillionVerifier

Import emails from Constant Contact for email verification and take action with just a couple of clicks

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Import Emails from Constant Contact with MillionVerifier

Start Importing

If you have not already connected your Constant Contact account with MillionVerifier, click here to learn how you can do it. 

Once you connected Constant Contact with MillionVerifier and clicked on the "Verify button", a pop-up will show your lists and the number of emails contained in them. In order to start the verification, click on "Import".

Constant Contact import emails in MillionVerifier

By clicking on the “Import” button, you will see the number of detected emails and can start the verification.

Constant Contact email verification in MillionVerifier


After the verification is completed, you will see the number and percentage of Good, Risky, and Bad emails on your list. To learn more about the Email Verification Results, please click here.

You have to pay with one credit for each one of the emails on your list to verify. To buy credits, please click here. To calculate the best offer for you based on your number of emails, please click here

Constant Contact email verification results in MillionVerifier

You can download the results when the verification is done by clicking on “Download Reports.”

Constant Contact download verification results report in MillionVerifier

Take action in Constant Contact

When the verification is complete, you will have the opportunity to carry out different actions in your Constant Contact contact list. To select from these options, click on the “Constant Contact actions” button.

Constant Contact actions in MillionVerifier

Here, you can select the type of emails you wish to carry out actions with, and the action you desire to take with them. Only one action can be set at a time. However, after the completion, you can choose another one again.


Unsubscribe selected emails


If you choose the “Unsubscribe selected emails” action, all the selected emails you have chosen will be unsubscribed for you once you click on “Start.”

Constant Contact unsubscribe emails in MillionVerifier

Constant Contact before after unsubscribe emails in MillionVerifier

Remove selected contacts


If you wish to remove the contacts from your list, please select the “Remove selected contacts” action. All the selected contacts will be deleted for you.

Constant Contact remove contacts in MillionVerifier

Constant Contact before after remove contacts in MillionVerifier

To learn about how you can delete the integration, please click here.

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