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The reason behind the difference between the price of the package and the total price

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Why is there a difference between the package price and the price you must pay?

When you purchase credits in MillionVerifier, the price of those credits and the amount you will pay may differ. The reason behind that is the so-called Value Added Tax or VAT.  VAT is a consumption tax added to almost all goods and services calculated by their value. 

Please note that only European customers need to pay VAT. The place of service determines the amount of VAT you need to pay, according to the rules of your place of living or the company's headquarters. 

This means that the ones not paying VAT include: 

  • Customers outside of Europe
  • Companies that have an EU VAT number. (You have to enter this number on the business billing details under "EU VAT number.")

When making a payment in MillionVerifier, we have to make sure and collect evidence that the country you set up in your billing details is valid. This is why we check the country of your card and the country you entered in your billing details to determine whether they match. 

Where can you see the amount of VAT you will pay?

When you decide to purchase credits, you will see the VAT on the Checkout page, below the Net price of the credits. 

You can also check the VAT after you make a payment and go to your invoices. You can read more about how you can manage your invoices here

The VAT will be displayed in your invoice below the Net price and calculated in the Total price. 

The VAT may differ according to which country you make the payment from, as most countries have different VAT regulations. 

Where can you see the total amount you will pay?

The total price comprises the Net price of the credits and the Value Added Tax. You can see that on the Checkout page when you make a payment. 

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