Manage Your CSV Reports in Excel 

How to make your CSV file transparent and organized in Microsoft Excel?

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The CSV file looks too crowded

When you download your CSV file about the reports of your email verifications, sometimes it looks like all the data is in one single column. It is really difficult to assess your results when your file looks like that. However, you can edit your CSV file in Microsoft Excel so that all the data gets into the right columns. If you want to learn more about how you can download your reports and what the results mean, please click here

Edit your CSV file in Excel

After downloading your report of the email verification, open the file in Microsoft Excel. The file will look like this: 

MillionVerifier report in Excel too crowded

Then, select the first column by clicking on column "A" at the top of the table. 

MillionVerifier report select the first column in Excel

After that, select the "Data" option on the menu bar. 

MillionVerifier report in Excel settings data

Here, click on "Text to Columns". 

MillionVerifier report text to column in Excel

Then, select "Delimited" as your data type and click on "Next". 

MillionVerifier report delimited in Excel

After this, select "Comma" as the Delimiters of the data and click on "Finish". 

MillionVerifier report comma as delimiters in Excel

Finally, you will see your data in a transparent and organized way. You will be able to assess your results easily and efficiently now. 

MillionVerifier report organized in Excel

If this is a re-occurring problem, you can change your computer settings to fix the issue permanently. 

You can read about how you can change the settings on your MacBook here

You can read about how you can change the settings on Windows here.

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