6 Options to Verify Emails

How can I verify emails on MillionVerifier?

Written by Tamas Szabo I

On MillionVerifier, you have six different options to verify your email addresses:

  1. Upload your emails in a file.
  2. Copy-paste your email lists.
  3. Verify a single email.
  4. Integrate with one of our integrations.
  5. Using our API.
  6. Automated email list cleaning.

Upload emails in a file

You can upload your emails in TXT, CSV, XLS, or XLSX files for email verification, including additional data. Upload the files on this page: file upload

Help: How to upload?

Copy-paste your email lists

You can copy-paste a list of emails into our application to convert into a CSV file and verify for you. Copy-paste your emails on this page: email list

Help: How to copy-paste?

Verify a single email

You can verify a single email on this page: a single email

Help: How to verify a single email?

Integrate with one of our integrations

We have created integrations with several popular email marketing platforms.

  • You may connect our application to your email marketing platform.
  • Import your emails for verification.
  • Select what you want to remove or unsubscribe.
  • We remove/unsubscribe them for you in the background.

You can set up the integration and start the verification on this page: integrations.

Help: How to use integrations?

Using our API

You can integrate MillionVerifer with any application with our APIs.

  • Verify emails in real-time using the single API.
  • Send us files programmatically using the bulk API.

You can find more information about our API on this page: API

API documentation: API documentation for developers

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